From Broadway to those who would Occupy Wall Street

Only in America is being under 21 something to brag about.
Unless this is addressed, anything gained will quickly erode.

In this paradigm, older citizens are worth less, they are disposable.
It is not because we’re stupid that our young can’t imagine growing old.
Media exploits sexual attractiveness, ageism is an unexpected by-product,
Exploited in an economy in which for every winner, there must be a loser.

Old people lose and the older they are, the harder they lose.
Whom does it serve when we worship youth? Pornography, mainly.
Not the young, who are exploited. What are they left with as they grow older,
After mortgaging Social Security to fund real and imaginary wars?

In this paradigm, our culture learns neither from mistakes nor successes…
Each generation stumbles over their own toes, the blind leading the blind.
If you miss the relevance of this to your great class struggle, you’re misled.
Occupy Wall Street, where you will gather a few nuts and then grow old.

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