Juan Carlos for President

Our oligarchy is led by cretins more imbecilic than the most deformed Hapsburgs.

US Senator
Senators Gleeful About Fucking the Poor Again

The U.S. film industry has achieved the epitome of banality
And lost touch completely with the art of invention.
In retrospect, the Nazis lost their war in Europe but they won it here.
It is not commercialism or television that destroyed U.S. cinema,
But Joseph McCarthy and the purge called, the Hollywood Blacklist.
In Reagan’s reign, they took over the universities, press and media,
Today, the most xenophobic of German Nazis appears intelligent
Compared to Perry, Buchanan, Gingrich or most civic leaders
Of every city, state and small town across North America.

The difference between kitsch and art is that art is political.

There’s a place for kitsch, of course, but when art is replaced with kitsch, you eventually get the 3rd Reich.

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