4 thoughts on “Refrain”

  1. I arrived safe and complete! Moreover, with greater confidence in my unipedal mobility. I’m getting in and out of the motor home ok and don’t need to stay at my daughter’s house. I removed the door to the bathroom in the motor home and I can use it ok. Driving the pick up with my left foot wasn’t hard to get used to. Walking around with that walker is a slow process but not the worst thing in the world by any means.
    Best wishes, Michael

  2. Hi, David, I empathize with the plight of those who are earning a living in this way. For me, it is frustrating to see how people identify with circumstances. They live as if the circumstances define the possibilities of their lives (and/or) their deaths. I for one, refuse to feed that insanity. In keeping people medicated to oblivion, the management is having nurses relieve management’s responsibility. Is Mr. Henning just thoughtless and ignorant, doing his job without taking responsibility or does he know, in his heart, that he is exploiting the difficulty of people? How could I know?

  3. michael-hope everything is going well for you and you made it to san diego ok, like your poem and know something about it. regarding your poem being in a nursing home is sad, for many its the last stop before dying. i feel sorry for the nurses.

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