The Eternal Has Neither Beginning Nor End

If God exists, what difference would it make to God, whether or not some members of a species that tends toward narcissism on one of the trillion billion planets in this particular universe believes, imagines or thinks it exists, or for that matter, they exist.

The dichotomous terms atheism/theism miss the point. Religionism, however, isn’t dichotomous since there is no opposite per se. Instead, there are those who don’t think about the matter, some who do and don’t care either way and those for whom any belief is simply another expression of self-identification or narcissism.

The primary fallacy of religionists is their self-contradictory assertions about eternal life, which is an extension of beliefs related to time. Since the eternal by definition has neither beginning nor end, time as we imagine it, does not exist. You can’t get to eternity. Anything eternal has always been so and by definition, will always be just as it is.

Hinduism, alone among “major” belief systems, acknowledges this fallacy and attempts to resolve it with a panoply of reincarnations but they eventually hit the wall of ultimate incarnation: a fully transcended being that escapes time and becomes eternal.

At this very moment a religionist on the planet earth is probably killing someone because of an opinion about the nature and and/or existence of God. Someone else is teaching children that they will achieve eternal life if they obey the authority of a pope, imam or the precepts of a secular order. Others are calming their reasonable misgivings with prayers while employing environmentally destructive activities and/or using poorly designed, under-engineered or carelessly constructed technologies. “If God wills it.”

Unlike the idea it represents, a word is weightless.

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