Life Before Death

Birth is traumatic stress, a part of which contemporary psychologists have described as the original “break in belonging” and the origin of a thought that “something is wrong”.

If the role of parents in childhood is to treat unwitting survivors of birth, they should be obliged to inform themselves about treating those who suffer from “post traumatic stress disorder” especially since all of us live post the birth trauma.

If the “unwittingness” of the newborn was not exploited by parents, siblings, teachers and every form of social organization, to relieve their own cases of PTSD, from cradle to grave, perhaps they would inform themselves.

Although, there are enclaves and even places within political boundaries and there have been periods of time where customs are more enlightened, but on the whole, the world is populated mostly by people with strategies for survival and stress relief, ranging from religious zealotry and other forms of narcissism to murder as an art form, and of course, there is China.

Most of us live our entire lives in “a world full of faces [in which] so few ever find their places,” which we endure, through occasional reminders and flashbacks of terror and even fewer glimpses of beings who we think we are.

And then we die. But before that happens, we live, after a fashion.

Now, if you are aware of this, you can observe it and in doing this, there is the possibility of being truly alive and truly who you are.





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