This Just In: Tip a Model or Donate to Obama vs. Romney

Angela Wilson (MFC: SlimSecrets)

An online survey of livecam male clients asked 150 men in the U.S. that use (MFC) to choose between sending a $2 donation to a presidential campaign; to donate $3 to help starving children in Africa or to tip an MFC webcam model $5.

75 men said they’d tip the model $5 or more; 10 men helped the starving kids, 50 men said they didn’t have that kind of money, 18 guys said they didn’t know what a Romney or Obama is.

No one gave money to a political campaign.

They were asked to explain their decisions. If you want to see a copy of the reasons they gave: (I will post a summary of the data.)

One thought on “This Just In: Tip a Model or Donate to Obama vs. Romney”

  1. Two biggest scams on the Internet:

    1) Political donation requests.
    2) Online sex services.

    There’s absolutely no redeeming social value to political donations unless you like receiving anal sex from a gorilla, whereas online sex can be mutually rewarding for both parties (if you have imagination and a libido).

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