Reality Check

When I was a kid, our greatest political concerns were thermonuclear war and population. The population issue is now spun as global climate change and the thermonuclear war issue is presented in media to the multitude as “terrorism”. The problems haven’t changed; they are still over-population and mass murders.

I was around at the time and watching when John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson pulled the plug on the thermonuclear issue by allowing the Kremlin to demonstrate it’s unwillingness to pull the trigger in Cuba. I also watched as the Pentagon, which held the strings on a movie actor, Ronald Reagan, began the march to the present situation by destabilizing the USSR, unleashing on the world, the Russian mafia and a host of petty murderous tyrants sponsored by our shadow government, the CIA, whom, along with victims of corporate greed and genocide came to share in common, a vitreous hatred of all things western and in particular, America, i.e., gave impetus to militant Islam.

It would be difficult to find an argument to population reduction as a solution to the impending collapse of ecosystems from climate change. But how shall we accomplish it? So far, we’ve tried using policies that promote poverty, selectively provide medical care, allowing development in places prone to natural catastrophe, implementation of technologies and engineering with high risks of widespread fatality and with corporate investment strategies that exploit tribal, ethnic, religious and national animosities and local pogroms, amplified into national conflicts by lack of education and suppression of economic advancement for entire national populations. These policies have failed.

Putting aside the ethical and moral considerations of de facto policies of western nations (now including, India, Russia, Saudi and China), we see CO2 and population expanding at accelerating rates, so obviously, we’re not getting the job done. With the public engaged in virtual reality games that along with pornography, diverts attention from the gathering storm, people do whatever they can to support themselves and their families, regardless of the impact of their work, even when they can’t avoid being aware of the harm done to the environment and that they are devastating the lives of their own progeny.

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