My Screenplay

Saw Ghandi hanging out at Denny’s
Asked if I know Antonio Gaudi.
Dave, the manager, eyes darting arrows of service,
Warmed us up with hot dark coffee.
A hundred million kindnesses later,
Eternally seeking opportunities of love,
A young man, early twenties, quietly left.
Can’t breathe, he said, without a smoke
(Muted trumpet solo)
Life comes with the territory


Here’s the deal:

I did make some movies and I did want to make a feature film. I was really interested in the magical technology of motion pictures. I loved the way the camera interpreted things by eliminating from within the frame of the image and in motion and in sequencing, revealing meta ideas. I felt I knew what I was doing about anything except what I was doing in the moment. It felt this way to paint, make music, write.

I learned to be invisible in school. Imagine a small Jewish child in an elementary school for children of conservative Christian parents, in classes led by teachers whose savior my ancestors crucified. (Is it PC to capitalize, Nazi?)  An unintended consequence of hiding out was that it masked and fortified immensity an artist’s ego. I’m now a phenomenon; freak of nature, for-mí-da-blé. In some ways.

Pages from the screenplay:

10 A Man and a Woman and a Man and a Woman and a Man and.. (dragged)

11 A Man and a Woman and a Man and a Woman and a Man and.. (dragged) 1

12 A Man and a Woman and a Man and a Woman and a Man and.. (dragged) 2

Psycopathia Sexualis

Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce

Psychopathia Sexualis
I’m in love with a horse that comes from Dallas
Poor, neurotic me, when my family found out
They raised the roof  ’cause I bought a ring
To fit her hoof.

Poor brain, the size of a pea
She looked so nice against the rail
With her pretty long legs
And her pony tail.

I guess against convention, I’ll never win
I’ll probably end up in the looney bin
But in my heart, I’ll always be free
The head shrinker said, my societal concept
Had been warped by an Oedipus Rex
Which caused me to hate the opposite sex
What he doesn’t know is that
My second wife was a ten pound goose named Tex.

I’m paranoid and sublimated
In love with a horse that ain’t been spayeded.
Traumatic scene, please, let me be…
I been hypnotized, tranquilized, analyzed, rationalized
Taken every pill from Seconal to Deximil

Sittin’ with my wife, neckin’ in the dark
Knowin’ her ex-lovers are runnin’ at Hollywood Park
Can be a bug, I will admit but it’s all made up
When I see her runnin’ around the house
In her negligée, brace an’ bit.

Like most young couples, we had our fights
But I was fair about her rights.
We finally got adjusted and I was boss
When I awoke one morning and on our lawn
I found a fiery cross.

The Klu Klux Klan said we had to get out that day
Move everything: lock, stock, horse and carriage!
The Klan wouldn’t stand for no mixed marriage

So, I’m feelin’ blue, ain’t got a penny in my pocket
We’re gonna volunteer for a satellite rocket
So me and her can sit and spoon
An’ visit my first wife
Who jumped over the moon.

Poetry and all that jazz!

By Lenny Bruce c. 1958 (Fantasy Records)


Are people in psychotherapy less easily manipulated?
Or does it just seem that way?

Jesus In Therapy

JesusJesus went to his weekly session with Mel, a  therapist from New York that he’s been seeing about his difficulty with intimacy.

“When Mom told me about the virgin birth, I couldn’t grasp it. In the first place, the relationship of genitals to reproduction wasn’t clear to me at all. I was twelve years old and I woke up with a hard-on and didn’t know what to make of it. She gave me the low down on sexual reproduction and, when she came to the part about, “that’s how you were born”, she said, “however, in your case,” etc.

I questioned her about this virgin birth idea. She then told me that it isn’t authentically true for her to say virgin, since, although the masculine part was provided by the holy spirit, however, it was embodied, a kind of coitus took place, whether or not a hymen was broken in the process.

She didn’t go any further with this conversation. My father, Joseph, was embarrassed, when I brought it up. It may have been then that I decided it was my fault that my real father, the holy spirit, wasn’t showing up in my life, because something was wrong with me; that I’m not worthy of his love, that I’m not enough just as I am and it was this decision that compelled me to prove myself worthy of his love and guided my every step, literally led me to the cross.