Jesus In Therapy

JesusJesus went to his weekly session with Mel, a  therapist from New York that he’s been seeing about his difficulty with intimacy.

“When Mom told me about the virgin birth, I couldn’t grasp it. In the first place, the relationship of genitals to reproduction wasn’t clear to me at all. I was twelve years old and I woke up with a hard-on and didn’t know what to make of it. She gave me the low down on sexual reproduction and, when she came to the part about, “that’s how you were born”, she said, “however, in your case,” etc.

I questioned her about this virgin birth idea. She then told me that it isn’t authentically true for her to say virgin, since, although the masculine part was provided by the holy spirit, however, it was embodied, a kind of coitus took place, whether or not a hymen was broken in the process.

She didn’t go any further with this conversation. My father, Joseph, was embarrassed, when I brought it up. It may have been then that I decided it was my fault that my real father, the holy spirit, wasn’t showing up in my life, because something was wrong with me; that I’m not worthy of his love, that I’m not enough just as I am and it was this decision that compelled me to prove myself worthy of his love and guided my every step, literally led me to the cross.

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