Parking/Driving Between The Lines

Californians do it to avoid bad karma
Unless they’re Mexican and choose to avoid notice
Lines do not apply to people in New York City
As they do in West New York, New Jersey
North Koreans must, to avoid the death penalty
Germans must because Americans don’t
Chinese people do out of respect for ancestors
Filipinos do to get ahead
Norcal people do, when they see lines
Parents should, to set a good example
Italians might if they have a car
Angelinos do in hope their Lexus won’t be scratched
Except low income Mexican Angelinos, whose cars are scratched

Leaving Aberdeen - Photo by Michael Winn 2011
Leaving Aberdeen – Photo by Michael Winn 2011

Vietnamese people do, with reluctance
Buddhists must because it’s not mindful not to
Brazilians aren’t clear on what’s involved
Teens don’t when doing so wouldn’t appear cool
Nonogenarians would when they can see the lines
Jews do, depending on circumstances
Unless they are lawyers and it’s not Yom Kippur
Obese people would when they can
Drunks get DUIs trying to, so don’t if they’re smart
Stoner musicians do when they’re not high
Rock musicians shouldn’t, on principle
Homeless people are wise not to sleep on any lines
Engineers are all about lines, assiduously
Computer geeks often misjudge the spatial data

Sex addicts sometimes do, sometimes don’t
Novelists as a rule don’t follow rules
Composers and welders make a point of following lines
Developers are distracted by paint
Architects will to make sure lines are correctly drawn
My neighbors don’t, for the attention
You can count on Asberger’s people
But Downs and Williams people shouldn’t try
Pilots and courtesans should be tested for it weekly
Teachers aren’t expected to but may if they wish
Veterinarians and farmers are of little consequence
City planners should be buried within lines
Klansmen and Soroptimists will try to avoid paint or ink

African Americans prefer driving at night
Dentists can with gas and a little assistance
Lines are of little value to sailors, Puerto Ricans and miners
Bankers rely on their ability to stay within lines
Bird fanciers and topless dancers are hopeless
Cops don’t need to since they are privileged
Except Mexican cops, who needn’t appear unbribable
Danes do religiously, unless it’s funny not to
Lawyers do only because they don’t have to
Doctors would if they had time
Except German doctors, who follow rules in Germanic fashion

Fashion designers do on their way to the store to buy detergent
Fashion models would have if they’d thought about it
The Pope would but it isn’t his job
Donald Trump does if he thought about it
The U.S. Navy’s view is that it is the lines
Hillary has more important things to do
Obama makes it a daily photo opportunity
John Stewart wants to know what Groucho would do
Hank Bukowski never saw the line he didn’t fuck or vomit on

Some day, somewhere in the universe
Where all the lines converge
John Lennon dances with Gypsy Rose Lee
And Lenny Bruce fucks the vagina that jumped over the moon.

Lenny Bruce - Album Cover
Lenny Bruce – Album Cover

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