A# Minor Blues Boys

I had a thought that I should ask you

If you agreed that Facebook is a cyber life,

Unreality realified.

Let’s say I wanted some unknown

no doubt, unknowable

other being out there to get me and my world,

I’d not be running a serial motion picture on Facebook.

But if l did, it must include Bob, Dale,

Large objects

and my son-in-law as well as the

Transgender woman/man I made out with

At Ichiban in PB last month.

She is a bitch.


But it feels like giving my time, self, soul, heart

for the apathetic use or absorption

by cyber friends, who though lovely,

are no substitute for a good blow job

I might not feel as acknowledged

Blow jobs are affordable

There’s always Nicaragua.

Would I do it though?

Have I considered everything? No.


When I connect, will they be human beings?

In the meantime, I often feel as I do feel now,

like an orphan child of a planet

in a different universe,

left here by mistake.


The aforementioned son, in-law?

What happened to due process?

Asked me recently, Are you suffering?

In that moment, I was a little buzzed

And it threw me that he should ask.

Out of the blue like that


I have suffered, that much I know

I’ve been here for a long long time

So much of my life happened here

Whoever left me is never coming back

I’m not content with that.

I’m on my own but I abandon no one.

That isn’t suffering.

Suffering is being present to what is past

What is lost, grieving, giving your soul to God.

Have a heart.

Jeopardy Answer: What is a happy ending?

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