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The R Word

It’s easy to see why Martin Heidegger loved Adolph Hitler when you understand that racial genetic differences do include stereotypical traits when you take the Bell curve into account, which is just what an astute man like Martin would do. You can see genetic differences between people of the same culture, tribe, clan and family. Black people, generally, do have bigger dicks and yes, their skin has dark hue. Jews have small dicks and are good thinkers, Greeks are Jews who, like Arabs, use dicks as chairs. And so on. Naturally, a bunch of fanatic Jesuit Castillaños could enslave an entire continent of aboriginals, who lack the gene for common sense and the descendents of their combined progeny demonstrate that on the average, this genetic trait is both predominant and regressive.

Moral and ethical issues arise as much from ignoring these differences as they do from exploiting them. Ignoring them, you miss the implicit survival strategy these traits entail. The differences would not exist if each group had not employed them as a way to survive and it is revelatory to see how even traits like blind, stupid ignorance were genetically inscribed, which is, essentially what became, on average, of males of the human species.

What to do? What to do! You’d have to be blind, deaf and witless not to know what to do once you see this. The issue is not the differences but how you use the principle involved.

Re-Surecting Melody (Not the End of the World as We Know It)

It’s been 3 years, I know, since I took down the radio theater website.

I’ve been working in many new areas.

Prometheus awakens and Phoenix arises… I promise.

I am continuing to compose and arrange music–some of which is currently posted on SoundCloud. There will be links here when I find out how to embed them, for now:


Will post screenplay for the Beginning & End

An autobiographic novella also known as, Show Me A Rose

P is for patience.

Michael Winn

(Not the End of the World as We Know It, nor The Beginning of Time.)