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I am here as a consequence of something my father said to my mother that at the time they said and heard, they both believed. During my "gestation", my father's secretary happened, and on top of that, the Second World War. I'm happy to be alive. I complain about things I care about. Solutions to problems are achieved by tweaking the system, however, secular art shows why the great churches came into being...and Gaudi's gift. It is both cautionary and hopeful, tweak the system, not the content, the system.

Γυμνά πεδία (Bear Fields)

With VSL samples, I immitate what musicians do to produce a score. But when we listen again, our listening is different. As a score, there are places where instrumentalists, solo-duo-trio-septets can make ad hoc excursions. The harp suggests such an opportunity about midway (mm440), when the piano becomes dominant, a percussion, piano and english horn “divertimento” could be improvised. After a clear break, the piano begins solo, stalked by bassoon, developing a manage with strings…


Is It Surprising – Game Music

Surprised to find myself enjoying Ionesco’s seriously existentialist novel, Le Solitaire, (Viking 1973), in that it mirrors current thoughts of my imminently transitory existence. As if I am the 21st century’s incarnation of a 19th century Franco-Russian Jew, who, doing nothing particularly well, except, perhaps, putting down in words, the absurd context, for lack of a better explanation, we call, life. In Ionesco’s Hermit, I experience a recognizable emptiness I find familiar, which actually brings me peace, knowing that, as painful as it sometimes is, life is not to be missed.

Deep Space Part 1 (Awakening) & Part 2 (Morning Song)

Deep Space, Part 1: Awakening

I took it upon myself to create, with others, a hybrid web structure by means of which residents of any community can take responsibility for anything they complain about. An innovative feature allows any resident to bring an issue into a general forum and conduct a poll in accordance with civil guidelines and depending on the outcome of this poll, an elected council is required to address and resolve the issue.

Since some issues affect various areas in the community differently, we described eleven geographic districts, each with an elected representative. Voting for representatives can be done on a cell phone, online or on paper at a public library by showing evidence of residence. The website will be fully launched in the Spring of 2018, however, there is information at now that can answer many questions.

For this innovative marriage of emerging technology with democratic principles to work requires broad participation and the objective is to empower constituencies with the expectation that, with direct input into legislative processes, priorities of government will be better aligned with their needs.

If all goes as currently planned, the online functions will be fully paid for, ready and able to be used by anyone who wants to conduct a poll and get something done.

When enough people participate by electing town council members, we will have accomplished what we set out to do and I may spend more time composing which will make people I love happy.”

*with God’s grace.

Part 2. Morning Sun

Part 3. Mars

Part 4. Images

Part 5. Alcestis

Alcestis volunteers to die to save her husband, who was condemned by Artemis for failing to sacrifice to that Goddess after winning the heart of Alcestis. Apollo had helped her husband in this quest, pleads his case on Mt. Olympus and Hades returns Alcestis to life.

Song, All Too Human

This song is “All Too Human”, for which I will now write lyrics. It’s a duet for two baritones, later reprised with two baritones and a soprano, and eventually a quartet adding a contralto.

(Photo; Arthur Schopenhauer 1854, public domain.)

Master at work…

Part 6. Ubermenschen

Part 7. The Dance

Interlude. Lamentation