Charlie Sheen: My Choice for President…2012

Mike Tyson becomes his Congressional Liasson, Jon Stewart is Press Secretary, Willian Shattner heads up Homeland Security, the War on Drugs is ended and there’s never an issue about blowjobs in the Oval Office because we will know what’s going down there.

People will be standing in line for tickets to the daily press briefing and for the first time in history, people in the hoods will be staying up late to listen to the President, Wall Street and Bernanke can go back to counting beans and all of Europe will pay through the nose to hear Tony Bennett singing God Bless America in the oval office.

If this is too much to imagine, think about this alternative: Rick Perry as Secretary of State with his horse’s ass parody of George Bush, with Mitt Romney as apologist in chief.

ObamaWHO? Can a man’s voice be more submissive? If he’d just play it like it lays, he’d be ahead of the game. He doesn’t sound like he believes his own words. Give the bitch the reins and let her ride! It’ll look fine since Congress has been riding your ass for 4 years.

On (painful reflection), we gotta run Michelle for President and Monica Lewinsky as her “running mate”. A dream slate.

Give me an O, give me an L, give me another O! O! O! Whoohoo, ride ’em cowgirl!

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