Note from California’s Food Basket – Central Coast

There’s a reason why you’re likely to be treated for or die of cancer and it ain’t genetic. Although, the kind of cancer you’re likely to develop is related to genetic propensity, put any number of rats in a cage with pesticides, concentrated emf, asbestos, particulates, from rubber tires, etc., and they will grow tumors in substantial numbers. Look at the stuff you’re ingesting. In rural areas, the water and soil is packed with pesticides. In urban areas, trains, planes and motor vehicles deliver you a constant flood of airborne toxins and you’re eating toxin-laden fruit, vegetables and grain grown in rural areas. It comforts you to think the stuff is “organic” but toxins, now including radioactive shit from Fukishima and brown stuff from China, are in the air.

Meanwhile, these abominable bull-shitters in the bureaucracy and elected office are doing anything but the right thing because they’re paid off by people, who are making money off your cancers. Call them corporations if you want to, but what’s the difference, there’s people taking home paychecks by doing what’s wrong for your health and most of the time, their own as well. And then, we have lunatics, calling themselves, The Tea Party, without a clue nor graced with intellectual power, who couldn’t do a better job of distracting you from the stark realities of your life and death in this toxic soup if they possessed the intelligence to tell the difference between their navels and their assholes.

The irony is that people up on the hill who are cashing their coupons and feeling lucky are more likely to get sick than their counterparts in the working class because they eat “better”, with the exception of the field workers themselves, of course, but who cares about them, since they’re mostly aliens, a euphemism for descendants of native nations.

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